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I am an Open Source Architect at Talend working full time on the Apache projects Camel, CXF and Karaf. On my blog you will find the latest news from the Open Source communities I work in. I also write tutorials about OSGi, services and integration.


Revisiting JMS performance. Improvements in CXF 3.0.0

Some time ago I did some CXF performance measurements. See How fast is CXF ? - Measuring CXF performance on http, https and jms.

For cxf 3.0.0 I did some massive changes on the JMS transport. So I thought it is a good time to compare cxf 2.x and 3 in JMS performance. My goal was to reach at least the original performance. As my test system is different now I am also measuring the cxf 2. …

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How to hack into any default apache karaf installation

Apache karaf is an open source OSGi server developed by the Apache foundation. It provides very convenient management functionality on top of existing OSGi frameworks. Karaf is used in several open source and commercial solutions.

Like often convenience and security do not not go well together. In the case of karaf there is one known security hole in default installations that was introduced to make the initial experience with karaf very convenient. Karaf by default starts an ssh server. …

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10 reasons to switch to Apache Karaf 3

Nicely timed as a christmas present Apache Karaf 3.0.0 was released on the 24th of December. As a user of karaf 2.x you might ask yourself why to switch to the new major version. Here are 10 reasons why the switch is worth the effort.

External dependencies are cached locally now

One of the coolest features of karaf is that it can load features and bundles from a maven repository. In karaf 2. …

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Best practices for Services and Integration in OSGi (WJAX 13)

In this talk from WJAX 2013 I show best practices for OSGi development in a practical example based around an online voting application.

The UI allows to vote on a topic and shows the existing votes in a diagram. It is done in Javascript and HTML using jQuery and google graph. Additionally votes can be sent using twitter, irc and karaf commands. The image below shows how to vote for the topic camel using your twitter status. 

! …

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Apache Karaf Tutorial Part 8 - Distributed OSGi

By default OSGi services are only visible and accessible in the OSGi container where they are published. Distributed OSGi allows to define services in one container and use them in some other (even over machine boundaries).

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Apache Camel talk at W-JAX

On thursday I had a talk about Apache Camel at W-JAX in Munich. Like on the last conferences there was a lot of interest in Camel and the room was really full. You can find the slides "Integration ganz einfach mit Apache Camel" here and the sources for the examples on github.

On Friday I joined the Eclipse 4 RCP workshop from Kai Tödter. Learned a lot about the new Eclipse. …

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ApacheCon Talk OSGi best practices shown on Apache Karaf

I just did my ApacheCon talk about OSGi best practices.It was the last slot but the room was still almost full. In general the OSGi track had a lot of listeners and there were a lot of talks that involved Apache Karaf. So I think that is a nice sign for greater adoption of OSGi and Karaf.

You can find the [Slides at google docs.| …

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Apache Karaf Tutorial Part 7 - Camel JPA and JTA transactions

Practical Camel example that polls from a database table and sends the contents as XML to a jms queue. The route uses a JTA transaction to synchronize the DB and JMS transactions. An error case shows how you can handle problems.

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Apache Karaf and OSGi best practices talk at JUG Karlsruhe

Yesterday evening I did a talk about Apache Karaf and OSGi best practice together with Achim Nierbeck. Achim did the first part about OSGi basics and Apache Karaf and I did the second part about OSGi best practices.

One slide from the presentation about Karaf shows the big number of features that can be installed easily. …

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Integration ganz einfach mit Apache Camel

Nach dem Talk auf der letzten W-JAX hatte ich nun die Gelegenheit, auch auf der JAX über Apache Camel zu sprechen. Diesmal hatte ich einen grösseren Raum zur Verfügung, der mit fast 200 Zuhörern auch gut gefüllt war. Dies zeigt das grosse Interesse an Apache Camel. Die Präsentation ist direkt im Anhang verfügbar. Diesmal ging ich stärker auf OSGi und Apache Karaf als Ablaufumgebung ein. Ich hatte auch nur 20 Folien und verwendete einen größeren Teil der Zeit für Live Demos. …

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New Karaf 2.2.6 includes features chooseurl command to allow easy installation of well known products

Today the 2.2.6 Version of Karaf was released. It incorporates more than 80 fixed jira issues.

One important usability improvement is the features:chooseurl command. It allows to add feature files for well known products like Apache Camel or Apache CXF in a much simpler way than the features:addurl command. …

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Camel Talk at the Java User Group Karlsruhe

This wednesday on the 4th of April I will give a talk about the open source integration framework Apache Camel at the Java User Group in Karlsruhe. I will start with an overview of Camel and give some insight in the Camel Architecture. The main part of the Talk will be live coding showing how easy integration can be with the Camel DSL.

See the webpage of the JUG Karlsruhe for some more details:

Camel and JMS on JBoss

Camel has many options for deployment. If I have the freedom of choice I prefer to run Camel on Karaf but the typical case at customers is that they have a certain app server and we have to fit in. In this case the platform was JBoss 5.1. Before Camel 2.8 this was quite complicated as camel tried to scan for typeconverters on the classpath and that part failed because of the JBoss class loader. I used camel 2.8.4 and so this was no issue except for a little problem I will come back to later. …

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Big improvements for CXF in OSGi ahead with version 2.6.0

CXF 2.6.0 will bring a lot of improvements for deployment in OSGi. Till now cxf was bundled in one OSGi bundle. Either with all features or with a minimal feature set. Thanks to Dan Kulp cxf is now delivered as individual bundles. So it can be installed with only the needed features. Besides the smaller size in many use cases this also means that we have less optional dependencies which make installation difficult. Each bundle defines the imports it really needs. …

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Apache Karaf Tutorial Part 6 - Database Access

Shows how to access databases from OSGi applications running in Karaf and how to abstract from the DB product by installing DataSources as OSGi services. Some new Karaf shell commands can be used to work with the database from the command line. Finally JDBC and JPA examples show how to use such a DataSource from user code.

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