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Blog post: Create a Metamodel for your SOA (Liquid Reality)
Last year I held a talk about using a metamodel to communicate your service oriented architecture (SOA) on an IT conference in Stuttgart. I had the idea to model what we understand as our SOA effort as a metamodel when reading ...
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Blog post: Defining Contract first webservices by generating wsdl from java (Liquid Reality)
post I will describe how to do contract first in a very simple and efficient way. All people involved in webservice design have the problem what tool to use to describe the webservice interface. Of course there are wsdl editors but you can make ...
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Blog post: SOAP data format brings simple webservice support to Apache Camel (Liquid Reality)
I just finished the SOAP data format for Apache Camel. It is an extension of the well known JAXB data format and supports hosting or calling webservices without need for a big stack like CXF or Axis. In contrast to the big stacks there is no support ...
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Page: Tools and Libs (Liquid Reality)
Tools and Application Stacks I regularly use \\ Java Application Stack Eclipse RCP (GUI and Application Framework) Spring Framework (Dependency Injection) Spring Dynamic Modules ...
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