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  1. 2014
    1. March
    2. Some time ago I did some CXF performance measurements. See [How fast is CXF ? - Measuring CXF performance on http, https and jms|liquid:/2011/06/27/How fast is CXF ? - Measuring CXF performance on http, https and jms]. For cxf 3.0.0 I did some massive changes on the JMS transport. So I thought it is a good time to compare cxf 2.x ...
    3. January
    4. Apache karaf is an open source OSGi server developed by the Apache foundation. It provides very convenient management functionality on top of existing OSGi frameworks. Karaf is used in several open source and commercial solutions. Like often convenience and security do not not go well together. In the case of karaf there is one k...
  2. 2013
    1. December
    2. Nicely timed as a christmas present [Apache Karaf 3.0.0|] was released on the 24th of December. As a user of karaf 2.x you might ask yourself why to switch to the new major version. Here are 10 reasons why the switch is worth the effort. {toc:outline=true} h2. External dependencies are cached locally now On...
    3. November
    4. In this talk from WJAX 2013 I show best practices for OSGi development in a practical example based around an online voting application. The UI allows to vote on a topic and shows the existing votes in a diagram. It is done in Javascript and HTML using jQuery and google graph. Additionally votes can be sent using twitter, irc and ...
    5. February
    6. By default OSGi services are only visible and accessible in the OSGi container where they are published. Distributed OSGi allows to define services in one container and use them in some other (even over machine boundaries).
  3. 2012
    1. November
    2. On thursday I had a talk about Apache Camel at [W-JAX|] in Munich. Like on the last conferences there was a lot of interest in Camel and the room was really full. You can find the [slides "Integration ganz einfach mit Apache Camel" here|^Apache Camel W-JAX12.pdf] and the sources for the examples on [github|https://gi...
    3. I just did my ApacheCon talk about OSGi best practices.It was the last slot but the room was still almost full. In general the OSGi track had a lot of listeners and there were a lot of talks that involved Apache Karaf. So I think that is a nice sign for greater adoption of OSGi and Karaf. You can find the [Slides at google docs.|...
    4. July
    5. Practical Camel example that polls from a database table and sends the contents as XML to a jms queue. The route uses a JTA transaction to synchronize the DB and JMS transactions. An error case shows how you can handle problems.
    6. April
    7. Yesterday evening I did a talk about Apache Karaf and OSGi best practice together with [Achim Nierbeck|!/anierbeck]. Achim did the first part about OSGi basics and Apache Karaf and I did the second part about OSGi best practices. One slide from the presentation about Karaf shows the big number of features th...
    8. Nach dem Talk auf der letzten W-JAX hatte ich nun die Gelegenheit, auch auf der JAX über Apache Camel zu sprechen. Diesmal hatte ich einen grösseren Raum zur Verfügung, der mit fast 200 Zuhörern auch gut gefüllt war. Dies zeigt das grosse Interesse an Apache Camel. Die Präsentation ist direkt im Anhang verfügbar. Diesmal ging ich s...
    9. Today the [2.2.6 Version of Karaf was released|]. It incorporates [more than 80 fixed jira issues|]. One important usability improvement is the features:chooseurl command. It allows to add...
    10. This wednesday on the 4th of April I will give a talk about the open source integration framework Apache Camel at the Java User Group in Karlsruhe. I will start with an overview of Camel and give some insight in the Camel Architecture. The main part of the Talk will be live coding showing how easy integration can be with the Camel ...
    11. March
    12. Camel has many options for deployment. If I have the freedom of choice I prefer to run Camel on Karaf but the typical case at customers is that they have a certain app server and we have to fit in. In this case the platform was JBoss 5.1. Before Camel 2.8 this was quite complicated as camel tried to scan for typeconverters on the ...
    13. January
    14. CXF 2.6.0 will bring a lot of improvements for deployment in OSGi. Till now cxf was bundled in one OSGi bundle. Either with all features or with a minimal feature set. Thanks to [Dan Kulp|] cxf is now delivered as individual bundles. So it can be installed with only the needed features. Besides the small...
    15. Shows how to access databases from OSGi applications running in Karaf and how to abstract from the DB product by installing DataSources as OSGi services. Some new Karaf shell commands can be used to work with the database from the command line. Finally JDBC and JPA examples show how to use such a DataSource from user code.
    16. Shows how to run your camel routes in the OSGi server Apache Karaf. Like for CXF blueprint is used to boot up camel. The tutorial shows three examples - a simple blueprint route, a jms2rest adapter and an order processing example.
  4. 2011
    1. December
    2. Shows how to publish and use a simple REST and SOAP service in karaf using cxf and blueprint.
    3. November
    4. The Apache integration day at W-JAX was a big success. We had sessions about CXF, Camel, Karaf, TESB and Continuous Delivery. Now finally most presentations and examples are available.
    5. In enterprise environments a typical requirement is that an integration has to be highly available. Typically you will use at least two nodes to achieve that. Depending on the requirements you will either want all nodes to be active or only one. The problem with having more than one active node is that messages can get out of order...
    6. October
    7. At least for some time the whole world seemed to only talk about ESB and webservices. These technologies have their place in integration but they are quite complex and starting with them means you have to invest a lot of time and or money. Recently around the release of Java EE 6 the idea of simplicity came back to the Enterprise J...
    8. Last week I was at the SOA / BPM days in Düsseldorf and talked about Camel Architecture and showed some practical examples. Some of the highlights were: * Getting started with Apache Camel. Download, First project, run in Eclipse * Make your project fit for OSGi * Deployment on Karaf and showing the new Camel commands for the Karaf...
    9. [Bernhard Schuhmann|!/schuhmab] and I will be holding a new free Camel Webinar series in german starting in about a week at Oct 12th. More information and signup at []. The webinars are based on [Hadrian Zbarcea|]´s english webinar series and will be sim...
    10. The [W-JAX|] in Munich is one of the most important Java conferences in germany. Speakers include well known experts like Dr Gernot Starke, Jürgen Höller and Adam Bien. On the 10th of November there will be a special day around the Apache integration projects. I will do the session about Apache Camel ("[Integ...
    11. September
    12. In this part we will learn how to use the Metatype Service and the Felix Webconsole to easily create and edit these configurations
    13. In this tutorial we will cover ussing the Config Admin Service with pure OSGi and blueprint and how to automatically deploy config files with your bundles
    14. August
    15. I am currently working on an important part of the upcoming [Apache Camel |]2.9 and [3.0|] versions the refactoring of camel-core to make it ready for future growth. So you may ask why refactor something that is working so well. From the user perspective you are ri...
    16. Recently I held a Webinar about Apache Camel and Talend Integration Factory together with Bernhard Schuhmann. The [recorded video of the webinar|] can be found on the Talend site. In the webinar we cover enterprise integration patterns, the...
    17. June
    18. From time to time people ask how fast is CXF? Of course this is a difficult question as the measuered speed depends very much on the Hardware of the test setup and on the whole definition of the test. So I am trying to explain how you can do your own tests and what to do to make sure you get clean results. What should you keep in ...
    19. Today the[Apache Karaf|] project turns one year old. Karaf is a server side OSGi container. It builds upon an OSGi framework (Equinox or Felix) and adds a nice command shell, web console and a lot of management and diagnostic commands to it. For a project that is so young very much has been achieved. Karaf ...
    20. May
    21. The Service Activity Monitoring (SAM) component logs service calls made with the Apache CXF Framework to a database. Typical use cases are tracking of errors, creating statistics and providing a basis for business monitoring. Let´s first have a look at a typical message exchange for a service call: {gliffy:pageId=5865532|name=G...
    22. Talend recently released the new Talend ESB Standard Edition product that is based on many Apache projects (Apache CXF, Apache Camel, Apache Karaf). It allows users to build integrations and services using the reliable and wide spread Apache projects while extending these projects with several enterprise features: * *Service Locat...
    23. April
    24. Just read this excellent summary of problems in enterprise applications by Eberhad Wolff. While I think many developers are already aware of most of the problems it is great to have them together with solutions in one small presentation. From my point of view this presentation is a must read: [10 Typical Problems in Enterprise Jav...
    25. In the CXF 2.4.0 version we did a big refactoring of the http transport to make it easier to use in applications. Up to this version there are four different http transports. The ClientOnlyHttpTransportFactory, ServletTransportFactory, JettyHttpTransportFactory and the OsgiHttpTransportFactory. To initialize them you had to import ...
    26. February
    27. In my first two months at Talend I was mainly involved in building the first release of Talend Integration Factory (TIF). It is an Apache Licensed distribution of Camel with three interesting additions: A pre packaged OSGi container, an integration component for Talend Open Studio and some advanced examples. Let´s take a closer look at these addtions.
    28. With this post I am beginning a series of posts about Apache Karaf. So what is Karaf and why should you be interested in it? Karaf is an OSGi container based on Equinox or Felix. The main difference to these fine containers is that it brings excellent management features with it.
    29. January
    30. At January 1st I started work for [Sopera|] GmbH which forms the Application Integration division of [Talend|]. My work will be mainly focused on the open source projects [Apache CXF|] and [Apache Camel|]. I am working in the team lead by [Danie...
  5. 2010
    1. September
    2. Google recently acquired instantiations the makers of the famous Windowbuilder and other great Java UI Tools. Shortly after the website of instatiations went offline. As we are using Windowbuilder Pro in our team this gave me some headaches regarding the future of these tools. Today then google offers most of the instantiations too...
    3. June
    4. Recently I was invited to become a committer in the [Apache Camel|] project. I am really honoured to join the great people that form the Camel Riders. Currently I am working on some improvements for the [camel-soap|] data format. Right now it is a little restricted as it only work...
    5. SAP is hosting the the next Eclipse Democamp in Walldorf. As this is quite near to where I live I take the chance to have a look at the newest advances in Eclipse projects. I am especially interested in the [Virgo|] project and [maven tycho plugin|] as we...
    6. February
    7. I just finished the SOAP data format for Apache Camel. It is an extension of the well known JAXB data format and supports hosting or calling webservices without need for a big stack like CXF or Axis. In contrast to the big stacks there is no support for any additional WS-\* standards but most people don´t use the extensions anyway....
  6. 2009
    1. September
    2. Whenever you create web services there is the problem where to store the service contracts. What you need is some kind of service repository. Of course there are good products that support this. But typically they are quite expensive and quite complex. So why not use the maven repository for this task?  It already does a great...
  7. 2008
    1. December
    2. Last year I held a talk about using a metamodel to communicate your service oriented architecture (SOA) on an IT conference in Stuttgart. I had the idea to model what we understand as our SOA effort as a metamodel when reading the great book domain driven design by Eric Evans. When talking with people in the company about our view ...
    3. October
    4. I have done the last step to move the Apache CXF JMS Transport to Spring JMS. Some more details can be found in the Jira issue
    5. September
    6. After having done several patches for the Apache CXF JMS component[I was voted as a commiter for the CXF project|]. Today I have got my user for the Apache subversion repository and of course I am eager to do my first own addition to the tree. I have alre...
    7. Over the weekend I did some bigger refactorings for the Apache CXF JMS transport to prepare it for the new configuration model. When I started the JMS code was really difficult to read. The code used callbacks at several places and jumped around between Classes and their subclasses. I have done a first refactoring in issue [CXF-17...
    8. August
    9. In this article I will propose an alternative configuration style for JMS (and perhaps also other transports). The style is quite similar to Camel´s style and tries to bring the positive aspects of the Camel transports to CXF.
    10. Configuring JMS in Apache CXF is possible but not really easy or nice. I have written a Tutorial on the Camel Wiki that shows how to use Apache Camel to provide a better JMS Transport for CXF.
    11. In this post I will describe how to do contract first in a very simple and efficient way. All people involved in webservice design have the problem what tool to use to describe the webservice interface. Of course there are wsdl editors but you can make many errors in using them and they are normally not very intuitive.
    12. !DSC_0005.JPG|thumbnail,align=left! The first post on this blog is dedicated to the birth of my little daughter Lara Sophie on 02.08.2008. She is now two weeks old and I still think she is the cutest baby in the world. I have put some photos up on my website at [] and [http://picasaweb.g...




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