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About Me

I am an Open Source Architect working for Talend´s Application Integration division. I am Committer at Apache CXFApache Camel and Apache Karaf.

I live together with my wife Patricia in Forst. I am interested in all kinds of science especially physics and astronomy. Since a long time I am also interested in Martial Arts and have actively practiced Judo and Aikido.  Currently I practice Kung Fu (Nam Wah Pai style). On the photo beside you can see me together with my wife Patricia in front of Mount Aoraki, New Zealand which we visited for our HoneyMoon. In my studies as well as in the firm I focus on integration technologies. My main interests are currently in the field of OSGi and Integration in Java. In my spare time I play a lot Starcraft 2.

In June 2004 a major change happened in my private life as I got married and finished my diploma. It was a quite stressfull time but now I have some more time at last.
In 2008 my first daughter Lara was born. She is the cutest baby in the world. I have put some images of her on my website.

In the mean time Lara got a little sister named Emily. Here you can see them together.



Twitter: @schneider_chris

Github: cschneider



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