Blog from June, 2010

Recently I was invited to become a committer in the Apache Camel project. I am really honoured to join the great people that form the Camel Riders. Currently I am working on some improvements for the camel-soap data format. Right now it is a little restricted as it only works if there is exactly one in and one out parameter for the methods. So the first thing will be to allow that there is no out parameter. This can even be considered a bugfix. Another problem is that the data format needs a lot of annotations. So my next plan is to use defaults if some annotations are not present. This will make it easier to do code first.

SAP is hosting the the next Eclipse Democamp in Walldorf. As this is quite near to where I live I take the chance to have a look at the newest advances in Eclipse projects. I am especially interested in the Virgo project and maven tycho plugin as we still struggle a little to have a decent build and deployment environment for eclipse based apps.

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